We are a group specialized in health services focused on Veterans and Retirees from the United States Armed Forces who live or visit Panama, Colombia or Ecuador.

We are not a USA government entity.

What we offer :


General Medicine Services


Medication delivery and pharmaceutical advice


Evaluation and treatment for pediatric, geriatric, neurological and sports rehabilitation


Modern boutique style hospital, with the latest technology and digital integration systems.

P.O. Box

P.O. Box service to receive packages or documents


Legal advice service

United States Veterans and Federal government retirees of the United States of America choose Panama as a place to retire because Panama offers more benefits and an elevated lifestyle than most other countries.

Considered the best place to retire, Panama is a pioneer in services for veterans and retirees of the United States. The country offers an excellent quality of life, flight connections to any part of the world, discounts on basic services, legal and migratory flexibility.

One of the main reasons of why many U.S. Veterans or retired Americans decide to live in Panama, is that medical services are very inexpensive and you can find doctors specializing in numerous medical fields. Panamanian Hospitals have the latest diagnostic services and testing labs. Prescription and over the counter medications are available at low prices and health insurance coverage is reasonably priced for all ages.

A panamanian visa requires a lifetime pension of $1000 us per month minimum. Decree 28: See More

The first step is to contact an Immigration Attorney in Panama who will verify if you qualify for a residence permit.

Panama is home to the second LARGEST International Banking Center in the world and has also been named as the best country to retire in. Banks in Panama offer numerous alternatives for your banking needs. One of the many benefits is that retirees in Panama do not pay taxes on income obtained abroad. Another benefit is low cost of life insurance.

Legal Residents have access to all Pensioner discounts: a one-time tax exemption on your shipment of household goods (up to $10,000), a tax exemption every two years on an imported vehicle or locally purchased vehicle.

50% off entertainment anywhere in the country (movies, theaters, concerts, sporting events), 30% off bus, boat, and train fares, 25% off airline tickets, 25% off monthly energy bills, 30% to 50% off hotel stays, 15% off hospital bills.


To whom it may concern:

I am writing this to talk about what VSO Mike Hines and Butcher have done for me.

I was admitted into Hospital Brisas because of a possible heart issue. Butcher took charge and followed up withy care, and expedited exams by technicians and doctors at the hospital.

The physicians and staff at Brisas were more than just care givers. I have never known or experienced such an outstanding level of concern and true caring that I received there.

Mike Hayes did a tremendous job in a matter of just a few days coordinating flights, admissions, doctors and procedures.

Butcher's follow up was second to none. He kept me informed every step of the way and always making sure I was OK.

Hospital Brisas should be proud of their staff and outstanding facility. It felt like a five-star hotel. Even the Director introduced himself and welcomed me.

I appreciate the efforts of Mike for opening my eyes to this top notch organization. I would encourage all Veterans to enlist the services of a VSO. I feel so fortunate to have been helped by Mike and Butcher to handle my case.

I hope that Mike and Butcher forward my total gratitude for the whole team effort, and for the kindness and professional manner in which they performed.

David S. DeLany

David Mullis and I thank you so mucho for all your kind attention.
Everyone was so helpful, very skilled al their Jobs and helping David deal with shis anxiety.
This is the way patients should always be treated and you do it the best we have seen.
We are so pleased to be able to have your special kind of care in Panama.
Again our many thanks to EVERYONE on the staff.
When we pushed call button, they always came right away.
Much appreciated.

David Mullis


Fort he staff of Veterans Services: Araceli, Rey Cox, JR and Emilka in David, Dr. F. Fonseca, Dr. J. Cardona and Dr. Marchena, we are very greateful for all you did to coordinate this Procedure. We truly feel David is now in Good hands with the doctors taking care of him.
The personal attention is beyond any we were getting in the United States.
We are fortunate to be here in your beautiful and friendly country.

David Mullis


With this letter I thank Dr. Fonseca, Federico and make recomendation to his attention, to details which have been great.
I would recommend Dr. Fonseca to other veterans because I know he will serve them well as he did with me.

Dorothy Welsh


I want to thank Araceli Reyes for all her help in all lof my needs between doctors.
Her wellingness to assist me is greatly appreciated.
I recommend her ability and work to Veterans I am connected to.
Thank you very much Miss Reyes.

Dorothy Welsh


I am writing this letter to thank Dr. Catherine Rios and to whom it may concern,
that Dr. Rios have been superb in her care and attention to my medical care and my needs as her patient.
I have been happy, pleased to have her in my care here at Brisas Hospital.
I would recomend her to anyoena.

Dorothy Welsh


This letter is to thank and recommend Mr. Rey Cox for all of his attention to my needs.
I found Mr. Cox to be extremely helpful with my VA process of disability information.
I certanly would recommend Mr. Cox to other Veterans in need of help, because he is willing to point Veterans in the right direction.
Again, Thanks.

Dorothy Welsh


Rey, we are back in Florida to sell my house. We thank you for all you did for us. Thank you so much. We want to show our appreciation to you, dr card one for everything. Can we send some money to buy pizza for all shifts on our ward to show our appreciation. What is the best way to do this. It was so different from a stay in an american hospital. If we have to fly down to PTY we’ll do that. Please let me know. Thank you for everything.

Barbara Psihogios


Attached is a copy of the VA's December 14, 2021 "decision letter" that takes me to 100% total and permanent. This has been a long time in coming, but certainly worth the effort. Thank you for your and your team's support in getting me to this point.

I find it difficult to contact Dr. Fonseca at times, and so I am wondering if you could please relay this rating achievement, and thank him on my behalf for all of his support as well.

The new rating is based on my previously claimed disability related to ulcerative colitis. This VA decision letter is a result of my request from about two years ago to review the VA's earlier determination of 0% compensation and also to to back date the effective date to my original August 2017 "intent to file" notification, etc., and it also includes other claims that have been in process for a long time, including the loss of use of creative organs, anemia, etc. The PTSD claim is still pending. The VA agreed with my logic in reviewing that claim, and used the words "...a clear and unmistakable error is found...". I view that as a fairly significant admission on their part. Hooray!

Again, I cannot tell you how much we (Marcelyn and I) appreciate your support. From our first eyeball meeting in your office many years ago we have been through a lot. But you never waivered, and that is greatly appreciated.

I find the timing of this new rating decision and our departure from Panama somewhat ironic, but it is what it is.

Respectfully, and with much appreciation,

Bud Huber



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